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Publié : 12 juin 2017

Théâtre en anglais : The Glendalough Mystery

Lundi 15 mai, la troupe de théâtre irlandaise EITC est venue au collège pour jouer leur pièce "The Glendalough Mystery" devant les élèves de 4ème et de 3ème.

Lisa MATHIEN, de 4ème 2, nous présente les personnages et propose un résumé de la pièce en anglais :

The characters :

° Felix (Basil’s nephew) : He is called Felix, he is a teenager, his parents work a lot and during the summer holidays too. He will spend his holidays in his Uncle’s hotel (in Glendalough).

° Mrs Pluck : She is Mrs Pluck, she is an old summer regular lodger and she always enjoys staying in this hotel with her dogs.

° Mr Lawrence He is a retired painter, Mr Lawrence needs calm.

° Lady Mystery  : She’s Lady Mystery (or Lady Gogo), nobody knows her.

° Lady Black  : She is the maid of Basil’s hotel, she is mad, crazy, terrifying and strange.

° Basil  : He’s Felix’s uncle, Basil is the owner of Glendalough hotel.

The summary about "The Glendalough Mystery " :

Felix is a teenager who will be soon in summer holidays. his parents work a lot, so Felix can do everything that he wants and nobody can stop him.
But, his parents decide that Felix will spend his holidays in his uncle Basil’s hotel, in Glendalough, in Ireland. He won’t be able to do that he wants, that’s not really his dream about the summer holidays. The lodgers of the hotel are very strange and the hotel is very boring.

One night, the electricity was totally cut off and Mrs Pluck’s dogs disappeared !

Mr Lawrence was secretly in love with Mrs Pluck and her dogs always disturbed him.
That’s why he poisonned the dogs with a love potion and they were transformed into stuffed toys.

I expected Lady Black would be the culprit because she was really mad and crazy.
She had the keys of all the rooms but that didn’t happen !